290 with humbuckers?

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290 with humbuckers?

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Sat Jul 25, 2020 3:50 am

Has anybody ever played a 290 with humbuckers? I'm looking at one that has Lollar Imperials.

I'm mostly a single coil/Tele guy, but I figure a 290 with humbuckers is probably a pretty good all-around guitar for humbuckers. I've had a PRS CE24 and a vintage Tokai Les Paul copy, both of which I liked... but maybe a 290 with humbuckers would be a better keeper long term as my go-to humbucker guitar. I had a Collings 360 LT M for a while which blew my mind, but in the end was a little to in-between the Tele and humbucker sounds (I have limited space for guitars!). So I'm thinking a 290 with humbuckers would similarly blow my mind but be far enough away from a Tele sound.


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