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Tue Jun 16, 2020 1:45 am

Hi Everyone. My name is Mark. I'm from Massachusetts. I was on the previous forum but mostly a lurker. I have way more Collings guitars than my playing deserves, but they are such great guitars. Currently in the market for, most likely, an OM2H so will probably have some questions about that model. Great to see the forum up again. Missed the previous one.
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Sat Jun 27, 2020 6:15 pm

Hi, all, this is Tom N. I registered here as uponamouse, my handle on the old forum, before I saw the suggestion to use our real names. Doh! It gives me a great feeling to see so many familiar names and hear their "voices" again, and to see new folks. I've missed the forum since it went down, with all that knowledge and fun threads. Once, the Wayback Machine displayed all the threads, but none could be read. I only learned about this version when I searched yesterday for "Blazer and Henkes" (!).

I've played since my early teens, now for over four decades. I discovered Collings when I decided after 20 years of playing that I deserved a better acoustic than my Yamaha. Tried many guitars and brands, but a top-notch player friend of a player friend suggested I try Collings. I visited Gryphon, put my hands on a D2H, and it was all over—fit my hand beautifully, and the tone was what I wanted to hear! Thanks to the old forum, I later added an OM1A varnish, and both are glorious guitars with tone that keeps improving.

I have two teen daughters, one who is profoundly limited and the other who is a typical teen. Luckily, my (now ex-) wife and I imbued her with a love of music, and after 6 years of piano lessons and 3 years on clarinet, she's fallen in love with playing the (French) horn. My older teen also loves to hear music.

I've played electric all these years too, and played in a cover band for a handful of years in the oughts, and an original rock band during the teens ("The Ragged Dragoons"; the second CD, which I played on, finally was released in early 2019). Since then, I've been playing in an acoustic format, "Upside the Dirt," with a few fun gigs each year, a few YouTube videos, and a Spotify single this April. We haven't rehearsed since the virus situation began, and a gig scheduled later this summer is ours to play or not. In the meantime, I'm enjoying electrics, acoustics, and looking forward to reconnecting with this great community.

Many thanks to Frank and Eric for bringing this forum to life!

Cheers, Tom
Cheers, Tom

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Sat Jun 27, 2020 7:01 pm

Welcome to our newest members!

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