Excellent luthier in Southern California?

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Excellent luthier in Southern California?

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Fri Jul 19, 2019 6:22 pm

I'm looking for a skilled luthier in SoCal to setup my Collings Om (left handed). It already plays very well, but I want to refine the action and intonation just a bit.
In the past, I've gone to Chelsea Clark at Guitars and Caffeine, but she has moved to Fender's custom shop.
I'd prefer a luthier in the Inland Empire, but LA and OC are fine too.
Any recommendations?

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Re: Excellent luthier in Southern California?

Post: # 1566Post elambo
Sun Jul 21, 2019 6:07 pm

Since you said excellent, the best you're going to find (perhaps anywhere in the world) is Norrick Renson in Sherman Oaks, CA, just north of LA. It's not a secret with the guitar elites around town that he's as good as it gets. His shop is filled with axes from music celebrities, and we regular folks, and his wait time and prices are reflective of that. Reasonable, but not Guitar Center rates. It won't come back in two weeks, if that's the expectation.

On a more realistic scale, I had a major crack repaired by Ryan Schuerman of LA Guitar Repair a couple years ago and honestly I can't understand how he did what he did. I mean the guitar was totalled after it got trampled on, but I thought 'what can I lose if I let a luthier see it,' and now I struggle to even remember which side of the guitar was split. He also did a setup for an electric guitar of mine and it was spot-on. He has my full confidence, and his prices and wait times are fair.

Ryan is at (810) 599-9061.

PM me if you want Norrick's info.

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