Selling/buying fees not mandatory.

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Selling/buying fees not mandatory.

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Tue Jan 22, 2019 4:15 am

It is my desire to see individuals buy and sell guitars and related equipment on here without worrying about fees. I am seeing people saying that a particular instrument or accessory is sold off of forum. Thank you for stating that but I do not want that to be a necessity. I would like to see people post and sell where ever they can get joy and not have to justify if it was due to the forum or from somewhere else.

Most of the members are only doing very occasional sells and it should be easy and problem free for them. Hopefully eliminating the mandatory fees will make people put more of their wonderful instruments up for sale so we can all enjoy the selections. I am please that the WTB section is getting populated also. Wish lists may just trigger somebody to part with a guitar that is not getting much use and could be exactly what somebody else is searching for.

It still would be appropriate though that commercial entities that are actually selling guitars and accessories on our site make some good faith contribution to the PayPal account:

Frank Sanns

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