Set Up Advice Please

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Set Up Advice Please

Post: # 5652Post TravH
Sun Jun 26, 2022 11:47 pm


2018 Collings D1A

Relief .014” at 5th fret 1st and 15th fretted (Collings specs .005")

Action at 12th fret
Treble 5/64” (Collings spec 2/32 or 4/64)
Bass <7/64” (Collings spec 3/32" or 6/64)

That relief calls for a truss rod tweak. I've done this on other guitars with no problem but would like a refresher.

I think...To flatten the neck, less relief, I loosen the truss rod meaning a counter clock wise turn of the truss rod. Right? I'll do it in 1/4 turn max intervals.

Since action is maybe 1/64 high this means take ~ 1/32" off bottom of saddle...right?

I read elsewhere a member suggested working on saddle first but I think I should be adjusting the relief especially since mine is high and I'll be flattening the fretboard by .009" In fact that may actually lower the action a hair even though that's NOT how you lower action! Right?

Any advice appreciated!


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Re: Set Up Advice Please

Post: # 5665Post Flakyfoont
Thu Jun 30, 2022 11:57 am

Tighten the truss rod to flatten the neck with close attention to any change in intonation.

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