Collings 12 Strings

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Re: Collings 12 Strings

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Tue Aug 02, 2022 5:14 am

Thank you both for your responses! I never owned a 12-string through 40+ years of playing, but two summers ago I bought an early 1970s Japanese make. I quickly added 15–20 songs to my repertoire, and many to my trio's repertoire (no Lightfoot). So, the concept is a keeper for me. But the guitar had quite the bellying of the top around the bridge, which made the action poor and some strings sitar-like. I installed a JLD Bridge Doctor to remove some of the bellying, and that made it playable. But the guitar is not worth a neck reset. So the quest for a replacement is on...

I played a few last weekend: a new Eastman, new low- and high-end Taylors, new low-and high-end Martins. Then, a 60s Epiphone, a 70s Guild, and an early 70s Martin 12-fret DS-35 that stood out as the best sounding. Price was too high. If Gryphon were to get another Collings, that would give me a chance to put my hands on one. Otherwise, it's buy one, have it shipped, and use a short trial period to decide. Another option is Schoenburg's shop. He seems to always have a couple, and does now.
Cheers, Tom

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