Waterloo Fever Alive & Well!

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Waterloo Fever Alive & Well!

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Wed Jan 25, 2023 10:34 pm

Like a lot of players, I spend too much time web surfing on guitar sites and dealer inventories. To my point: Yesterday I surfed on over to the Dave's Guitar Shop site because they move of LOT of instruments. They had a new WL-14x in black with a fire stripe pickguard. Less than 30 minutes later it had sold. I love the look of the fire stripe guard over a black finish, and I was tempted to pull the trigger but I walked away from my laptop knowing it would be gone when I returned and my bank account would live to see another day. I wonder how many Waterloo's sell that quickly?

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Re: Waterloo Fever Alive & Well!

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Thu Jan 26, 2023 10:01 pm

They do sell quickly. Since they’ve become hard to find, when you see one, don’t hesitate!!!

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