Collings I-30 - white (2019) - $4990

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Collings I-30 - white (2019) - $4990

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Thu Sep 28, 2023 12:00 am

I am reluctantly selling my Collings I-30 (made in 2019). All original with no alterations whatsoever. These are very hard to come by and don't come up for sale often. Collings guitars are as good as they get. You can get specifics on the build quality and components used on their website. I purchased this guitar a few years ago and did not receive a full listing of the specs. I did take the pic guard off, just because I like the way, the guitar looks better without it... but I still have it (and the small screw), and I will include it in the case.

More photos:

As you can see from the pics, it is in very excellent condition and has been played only a few times. There are pick swirls on the pickguard (of course) but that's about it. The only other thing of note is there are (very light) pinkish stains on the underside of the headstock from a previous owner who must have hung the guitar on a cheap guitar wall hanger. You can not see these discolorations unless you look under the bottom horns of the headstock. See pics. If this is an issue, please don't bid on this guitar. The guitar comes with its original Americase hardshell case.

Sorry, I will not ship this guitar internationally.

Thanks for looking.

$4990 plus shipping.

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