Hoping for Waterloo alternatives

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Hoping for Waterloo alternatives

Post: # 6481Post godfreydaniel
Tue Jan 16, 2024 5:04 pm

It looks to me that Collings won’t bring back the Waterloo line. That’s their right, but the prices for new Collings (and SCGC, H&D and Bourgeois) are just way beyond what I’ll pay for a guitar. I hope that some former Waterloo employees will start building guitars similar in concept to the Waterloos. I did recently buy an Isis Ms-00 12-fret, which is a great guitar, so there is that option. I had been on Tony Klassen’s wait list for one of his Crooked Star guitars, which were similar in concept to Waterloo.

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Re: Hoping for Waterloo alternatives

Post: # 6489Post Georgelange
Wed Jan 17, 2024 10:39 pm

Used Waterloo guitars are out there. I’ve seen a few along the way that even I was tempted.

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Re: Hoping for Waterloo alternatives

Post: # 6490Post 29er
Wed Jan 17, 2024 11:06 pm

Iris seems to be the best alternative right now. I played an AB model and the Dan Erlewine signature at Elderly Instruments and they both impressed me. As Georgelange mentioned, there are used Waterloos to be found but they're not in large supply. I know I'm holding on to my WL-12. I sold my WL-S Deluxe just as covid was pushing up their value and I made a few bucks on the sale. One year later I was amazed to see the asking price on that model. It was a great guitar but I don't think I would give 5k or more.

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Re: Hoping for Waterloo alternatives

Post: # 6596Post Greg Y
Tue Apr 09, 2024 7:05 pm

godfreyd, Collings is still producing Waterloos and mandolins albeit at a slower pace than before. It's unlikely that we'll ever see $1850 Waterloos or Collings MTs again. I'd say it's also unlikely you'll see Collings employees setting up to make their own Waterloos. It's just too hard to get started these days....& Collings does take very good care of their people.
The last four years has been tough on the people in the industry. Collings has managed to both maintain and add valuable staff. I heard that John Alison, who created many a beautiful burst on Collings guitars years ago and then went out on his own (Alisonguitars), was back. As well Kym Warner, mandolinist for the Greencards. joined the Collings staff.
There are always used Waterloos coming up for sale.
BTW i think auto-correct got the better of you. I've never heard of Isis guitars.... ;)

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