Waterloo 2019 WL-KTR; advice on lifting bridge.

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Waterloo 2019 WL-KTR; advice on lifting bridge.

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Sat Jun 08, 2024 5:42 pm

I purchased it in 05-2024 from the original owner (Bob) who purchased it in 2020 from the owner of a high end guitar shop in Denver. The shop owner used it as his personal guitar for a year then sold/shipped it to Bob in Texas where it remained and was thereafter well cared for. At some point (the shop owner) allowed it to dry out enough for the top to sink, lowering the string height. Someone (presumably his Luthier) bonded a .025" ebony shim to the bottom of the saddle to raise the string height. It was shipped to Bob with the shim in place and when it returned to a 45-55% humidity environment where Bob keeps his guitars the top raised back up. Bob reports the guitar has always used 11-52 strings.

Prior to my purchase during a zoom meeting I had with Bob he measured the 6th string height at the 12th. fret and it was .122".  I've attached photos of the saddle/shim and gap at the center back of the bridge/top which is a max. of 007" to a depth of about 030". Also photos showing where the bridge first loses contact with the top to the left and right of the center. This is where the edge of a .002" feeler gauge first slips in.

I have subsequently removed the shim and tweaked the truss twice for a total of about 1/2 turn tighter. The 6th string 12fret action is now in the mid .090" ,neck relief about .008, 1st fret string height (with capo on 3rd fret; nut slots) is around .002". It still has 11-52 strings, plays and sounds great all over the neck. I considered putting 10-47 strings to reduce the overall string tension by about 15lbs. but fear it would diminish the tone. Once it settled a few days after the saddle/truss rod work it has held tuning for 5 days requiring just small tweeks each morning as do all my other guitars.  

Many thanks in advance for staying with me through this long history. I don't have access to a good Luthier, so DIY suggestions are very welcome. So here is my question:
If kept under ideal conditions 45-55% humidity/75-85 degrees F. with 11-52-strings, will this bridge stay in place or continue to lift?
xx_Shim_appears to be ebony_bonded to bottom of saddle_1.jpg
xx_Bridge right sidex area where .002 inch will 1st slip under bridge to a max depth of about .002 inch.jpg
xx_Bridge left side area where .002 inch will 1st slip under bridge to a max depth of about .002 inch.jpg
xx_Bridge area of max lift lift_.007 inch_will penetration to a depth of about .030 inch.jpg
xx_After removal_shim bonded to bottom of saddle measures .024 thousands inch thick.jpg

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