Please Configure Your Private Message Notification

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Please Configure Your Private Message Notification

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Wed Apr 10, 2019 5:31 pm

It has come to my attention that people are not seeing their PMs for hours, days, or weeks. It requires logging in and looking at the notification tab to see that you have a message.

Sometimes, when it requires PM communication with Elambo or me, or in the case of buying or selling an instrument, it is often time sensitive and days and weeks is just not a good way for communications to go.

When I originally set up the structure here, I was careful not to allow the site to send a flurry of thread subscription emails and other notifications that people on the other site sometimes complained of. Now the site is configured so you can select the notification you want or do not want and change it at any time. While most of these notification are not necessary for most of us, the Private Message is an important one.

I am going to strongly urge all of you to enable PM notifications by email on your User Control Panel. Once configured, you will receive a notification to the email account that you used to register here of any PMs that have come to you here on the site. That way, you will be alerted that you have a PM in your inbox here on the forum.

To enable that notification (and any other that you desire):

1. Login
2. Click on your name in the upper right corner and select User Control Panel
3. Click on the Board Preferences tab
4. Select Edit Notification Options on the left side of the tab.
5. At the bottom of that screen is the Someone Sends You a Private Message line. Check the box that says Notifications and the one next to it that says Email.
6. Press Submit

Your changes will now be saved and you will receive an email when a PM appears in your inbox. Only members can send PMs so it should never be spam.

You can also configure other notification in that tab by repeating the procedure.

This should improve the communications for everybody.

Frank Sanns

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