WL-12 MH & JP Pure Nickle Wound Lights ++ Good

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WL-12 MH & JP Pure Nickle Wound Lights ++ Good

Post: # 1698Post Tenzin
Sun Sep 01, 2019 1:29 pm

I'd be the first to complain, but let me give credit where it's due. I must have tried six different sets of strings in as many months. I'm not complaining...one has to 'get it 'right'. After going through many posts here I thought I'd give John Pearse strings a try. I never used JP before. Again, from posts here, I decided on the pure nickle wound. This is the first set that sounded great from the moment they went on. Hopefully they'll last a bit. (I don't mind changing even every month...but I had Nickle D'addario strings that sound descent, to me, for about a week.)

I'm always reluctant to post because I want the more smartly people to stand out! I spend way more time searching and reading and it has been quite beneficial. Thanks everyone. All those in the US, take tomorrow off!
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Re: WL-12 MH & JP Pure Nickle Wound Lights ++ Good

Post: # 1714Post Cameleye
Sun Sep 08, 2019 10:21 pm

Thanks for the string suggestion. I've a WL-12 Mh that I took in trade with plans to flip and have been posting it for sale for a little while now.
However a strange thing is happening. Rather than let it sit unplayed I decided to use it and maybe break it in for the next owner.
Now the sad news .. I've taken quite a shine to it and am questioning whether to sell it or not. Benn playing it more and more, to the point that the strings need replacing.
So thank you for the timely post, I'll try a set of the JPs on it just for kicks.

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