Why so little discussion on the City Limits models?!

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Re: Why so little discussion on the City Limits models?!

Post: # 1831Post fstrat76
Tue Nov 12, 2019 2:06 pm

When researching my first Collings, I was drawn to the CL Deluxe, not because it looked like a LP. In fact, the sound of today's LP is boring to me, and I never liked the playability, not to mention the quality. So I wanted something different. I researched the CL and watched videos and, at the time, most videos were all demonstrating the CL through clean or lite crunch settings, so I can see how one might think the guitar is "polite".

Because of that, I wasn't sure if I should buy, but decided and bought my first CL Deluxe with Lollar Imperial Standards used and tried it through various amps. It sounded and played as I had hoped. When I put it through a hi gain amp (Orange Rockerverb MkIII), it sounds tight, with excellent response. When I play it through a Friedman Smallbox on the BE channel and an OX Amp Top, again, it sounds great. When I play it through a JC-120 clean - amazing.

This year I purchased another CL Deluxe, also with Lollar Imperial Standards. I am going to swap out the pickups on one CL and put in Throbaks eventually.

To me, the most amazing thing is the quality and stability. It's rare that I have to adjust my CL (or any of my other Collings actually). The tuning stability is top notch (unlike most Gibsons).

So the CL is my number one for recording and live. It's an amazing piece.

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Re: Why so little discussion on the City Limits models?!

Post: # 1832Post elambo
Tue Nov 12, 2019 6:23 pm

I didn't refer to it as polite because of its clean tones, in fact I typically use a Les Paul type guitar for more edge, so my comment was primarily in reference to its distorted sound. There seems to be a range in the voicing of earlier CLs. Maybe that changed later in their production run as people do seem to compare it more favorably to Les Pauls than I did with my particular guitar (though, as mentioned, I did just about everything possible to tweak its tone).

BTW I love the OX that you mentioned. It's been my go-to for hardware amps for the past year, however, yesterday I got a Strymon Iridium and it's entirely impressive. It's a different beast than the OX but for anyone interested in guitar amps it's a very serious product and worth a look/listen. It could change live gigging in a big way. I know a few people who'd become tired of hauling heavy amps and weren't happy with Line6 or similar products. This little guy sounds legit and is ultra compact (which might actually be its only downfall).

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Re: Why so little discussion on the City Limits models?!

Post: # 2024Post alphasports
Wed Jan 15, 2020 11:18 pm

'Cause we're too busy playing them!
FWIW I yanked the Lollars and put in SD '59's, quite a bit hotter.

A CL Deluxe, 3 PRS, and an Ovation

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