Collings Gathering 2019

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Collings Gathering 2019

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Mon Oct 28, 2019 4:51 pm

The Collings Gathering weekend is now just shy of two weeks out and I want to get some information out soon so everyone who may want to attend can make plans to do so. Will post all pertinent information as soon as I find out myself. In the past the Gathering has been a semi- or at least quasi-organized series of events, sometimes put together on very short notice. Dwindling attendance has been a big factor in Gathering activities. The Gathering is still happening, but may be a little different than in the past, but one thing I can promise is some great playing by all who attend and the fun that comes with getting together with some like minded folks we haven't seen in while...and like the past several years, I will once again provide some beer/soft drinks and some snacks for the Saturday evening jam. Collings Gathering dates are November 8-10. The official Gathering kicks off with lunch at the Salt Lick on around noon Friday, November 8 (I recommend getting there around 11:00-11:30 - a few of us are always there a little early to socialize/talk guitars), followed by the Collings Factory tour after lunch. There will be other activities on Saturday, November 9. Will post more information as it becomes available. Some folks come a few days early to check out other things going on around the Austin area. A brewery tour is scheduled at Real Ale Brewing Company for 2:00 Thursday, November 7 afternoon. Also a few will be getting together at the ABGB (Austin Brewery Beer Garden) to catch Warren and Marshall Hood's Happy Hour set on Wednesday, November 6.

A little information about the Collings Gathering for those who have never attended, or haven't attended in awhile. All playing levels (there is quite a range of playing levels in the group, from quite accomplished musicians/guitarists, to folks who are living room strummers playing primarily for their own enjoyment, and all levels of playing between) welcome. You also don't have to currently be a Collings owner. This is a great chance to check out other attendees' guitars (lots of folks with different models, from dreadnaughts, to OMs, to CJs, all models are usually represented) and even possibly check out a few instruments while on the factory tour.


The Collings Gathering Schedule of Events:

Friday, November 8 noon: Lunch at the Salt Lick. Most typically arrive a little early, sometimes around 11:00-11:30 to talk guitars. Remember this is a BYOB establishment if you wish to have beer/wine.

Friday, November 8, following lunch at the Salt Lick: The Collings Tour. This always is one of the highlights of the Collings Gathering weekend. It's always great to check out the various manufacturing processes and check out what's happening at Collings. Please reply to this post or PM me if interested in attending lunch so we can get some numbers to the folks at Collings.

Friday, November 8, Evening: Not a Collings Gathering event, but some of the group is meeting at the Devil's Backbone Tavern/Dancehall to hear Gary P. Nunn. This should be a fun event. Gary P. Nunn, along with Jerry Jeff Walker, Bob Livingston, etc..., is one of the pioneers of the Cosmic Cowboy country western movement that got its start in the Austin/Hill Country area.

Saturday, November 9, 1:00-3:00/3:30: At Collings, Rhythm Guitar/Song Writing Workshop with Danny Britt and Marvin Dykhuis. Both Danny and Marvin are well known throughout the Austin area. This will be a great workshop. Please comment to this post or PM me if you would like to attend. I would like to be able to provide the folks at Collings some numbers so an area for the workshop can be set up accordingly.

Saturday, November 9, Evening: The annual Collings Gathering Saturday Evening Jam. Still working on a location for that. Should have info by this weekend.

For those who may be in the area a day or two early, a tour of Real Ale Brewery is scheduled for 2:00 PM on Thursday, November 7. Please comment below if interested in attending. I'll need to give them some numbers a day or two in advance. Also there's a group who will be meeting at the ABGB (Austin Beer Garden Brewery) on Wednesday, November 6 around 5:30-6:00 to hear Warren Hood's happy hour set ...great music, good food, and excellent beer.

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