Any D1 T or D1A T owners?

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Any D1 T or D1A T owners?

Post: # 1919Post Silverbeige
Fri Dec 20, 2019 2:09 pm

What do you love about them? Is getting the adi top worth the upgrade? What strings do you find brings out the guitar's best? Thanks y'all

Greg Y
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Re: Any D1 T or D1A T owners?

Post: # 1920Post Greg Y
Sat Dec 21, 2019 1:52 am

Since no one has answered your question, i'll share my experience. Although I don't own one, I've sat across from a couple for more than a few hours. In the pre-T days, I never owned a sitka Collings; all adirondack with the exception of one german spruce top. I have owned a OM1aJL....which is essentially a type of T guitar. The T is the only Collings i'd personally buy with a sitka top. If possible.....go and play some. They do have a more fundamental tone, which i personally like. They're drier sounding. This Kenny & Amanda Smith video highlights that dry sound., as does this Matt Read video: Anthony DaCosta on an OM1JL This video of a sitka topped OM1JL displays the same crispness to my ear as the adirondack versions. . D1T . you can, play a sitka or torrified sitka model....see what your ear gravitates to. You might find you save $1k.... (adirondack top cost). In the T series, i hear much less difference between adirondack and sitka than i do in the regular series.

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Re: Any D1 T or D1A T owners?

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Sun Dec 22, 2019 3:48 am

I have a D1T. I bought it, new, last may. Mine has a baked Sitka top. I searched for several months for a great mahogany dread before I found it. I also played one with red spruce and one with a regular Sitka top. Mine has an airy, dry tone...sort of buttery. It's one of the best two guitars I have ever owned and one of the best I have ever played from any era. (I have had Martin D18GEs, D Mahogany 09s, D18VS-Ad, SCGC D'03, D12, and VJ, a Collings D1A,a H&D TDM, and several J45 iterations.) It also has a neck that is absolute perfection. I just got a Collings DS1 with baked Sitka top a couple months ago. It's an equally fantastic guitar, with a quite different tone.

I have tried D'Addario EJ17, GHS Vintage Bronze 13-56, and Martin Monel Retro 13-56. I like the Monels best, but the GHS VBs are good too.

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Re: Any D1 T or D1A T owners?

Post: # 1963Post DenverSteve
Thu Jan 02, 2020 4:15 pm

My D1 is a D1 custom with some features like baked top. I played a lot of Collings when looking to buy a dread, the D1 Baked Top without popsicle brace was the finest I could find. I think the D1 (whether Std., Custom or Trad.) are some of the finest dreads being made today. I have other dreads like Martin D-41 and D-28 Authentic and my D1 is a go-to instrument when I want that Mahogany/Sitka tone. Additionally, it's a pleasure to play as it is buttery smooth and perfectly set up from the factory.
Shalom, Steve
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Re: Any D1 T or D1A T owners?

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Thu Jan 16, 2020 4:18 pm

I love the D-1T and D-1A T.

While I own neither, I have had to chance to play them at Gryphon on numerous occasions.

In my current stash is a '99 Collings D-1 I bought new at Gryphon. As much as I like all things Collings, this one is my favorite I've ever played.


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