Wish Lists!

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Wish Lists!

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Fri Oct 12, 2018 9:03 pm

This is the place for your wish list. Let people know what you are looking for. They may have what you want or know somebody that does.

Same rules apply as the selling area:

1. The forum is not responsible for any transactions or agreements. Third party escrow services are encouraged.
2. Photos, price, serial number must be in the listing.
3. Keep your listing current. If the guitar is sold or on hold, please not that in your listing.
3. Bumps can occur as soon as every three days but not before.
4. Prohibited items are not allowed. Your account will be deleted if this occurs.
5. Dealers are permitted but they must disclose they are a dealer in the listing.
6. Suggested and greatly appreciated but not mandatory contribution to operating this site is 1% of the selling price. Thank you. PayPal account: admin@collingsforum.net