Cracked control knobs fix

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Cracked control knobs fix

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Tue Oct 20, 2020 12:50 am

I learned a neat rick tonight based on a Stew Mac video.
After I discovered a cracked volume knob on my I35LC, I searched for a delicate way to tweak the knurled split shaft on the pot inward so the new knob will fit snug, but not so tight that it stress cracks the knob

The Stew Mac video I saw suggested to put a .056 feeler gauge
Into the slot then gently push on the shaft diameter with pliers to tweak very slightly inwards. The slot is about .060 so you have a way to tweak it without damage....problem is, who has a .056 feeler gauge? I suppose you could use an .030 and and .026 together but I that would be cumbersome to hold while gently pressing the shaft with the pliers

I found that a penny, which is about.058-9 slides in and using my miniature end cutter pliers vertically, I could do the tweak without even damaging the splines..

I ve had this problem on Gibsons and especially the rotary pu switch knob in PRS guitars several times in past years. Always tried to avoid using pliers

It sucks when you see the knob has cracked, it is 99% cosmetic but it just bugs me

Now there is a simple solution....

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Re: Cracked control knobs fix

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Thu May 12, 2022 10:16 pm


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